Put a fork in ’em?

For days, this forum has been silent. The glass is always half full here–and by that, we mean that there’s always an optimistic outlook. But, after an 0-6 road trip, with sweeps by the Mets and the Brew Crew, our glass was half full of whiskey. We were ready to say, put a fork in the Rox, because they’re done. They couldn’t hit with runners in scoring position, and were even worse with runners in scoring position and two outs. But then the Padres rolled into town, and the Rox bats awoke with a 13-run output in the first game, and a series victory.

I was ready to pull out the "Best Last Place Team In Baseball" sign. I was ready to bring it to the game on Saturday. And maybe I should. Have the Rox really proven that they are anything but a last place team? As of today, they’re 7 games out of first, and once again in the familiar cellar that they owned all of last season.

On the bright side–and that’s what we always focus on here–the Rox played some meaningful games in August. And that’s a **** of a lot better than can be said for them last year.

With such a struggling offense of late, Rox manager Clint Hurdle has been looking for someone to provide that spark to get a struggling offense going. Jamey Carroll will always be our boy here at On The Rox, but his recent struggles at the plate are a huge contributing factor to he fate of the Rox. As goes the team catalyst, so goes the team. So, Hurdle has looked to a new member of the Rox infield over the past week to jumpstart things. Kaz Matsui, acquired in a trade from the Mets earlier this season for Eli Marrero, was called up last week and has seen immediate insertion in the Rox line-up, splitting time between 2B and SS, with primary playing time at SS. Kaz brings the element of left-handed speed at the top of the Rox line-up, a very valuable asset. In his first week, we have personally seen him leg out 3 hits that no other member of the Rockies–save Choo Freeman–would have beaten out. Kaz’s left-handed slap-and-run and super-speed is reminiscent of the great Ichiro. Even the way he bends and stretches before getting into the batter’s box reminds of faintly of Ichiro. So, the Rockies got their very own Baby Ichiro.


Now, I don’t know if Keith Bleyer reads On The Rox or not, and let’s hope he doesn’t because I don’t wanna hurt his feelings. But, personally, I can’t stand the guy. I can’t put my finger on it really, but I guess it’s because he’s just kind of a little wiener. I mean, he’s confident, he’s poised on air, he’d be great hosting anything else, I just don’t like his personality mixed in with baseball.

So, who do we want to replace him? How about Erica Irene from ManiaTV.com? Denver is home to live Internet TV channel ManiaTV.com, and their morning host "CJ Erica" is a self-proclaimed Rockies fan. She’s got the looks, the poise, the energy, the experience and the baseball knowledge to do a bang-up job hosting the FSN Rockies Pre-game show. Plus, her interview skills would bring out more about each player’s personal lives that we get with the current hosts. So, FSN brass, if you’re reading, get your headhunters ready. Fire Bleyer, Hire Erica.

You heard it here at On The Rox, where our glass is always half-full.

Daniel Boniface is a freelance writer in Boulder, Colorado. Contact: dbonif@aol.com. You can subscribe to On The Rox at http://www.newsgator.com, or find it online at: rox.mlblogs.com.


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