Don’t Fret Just Yet

Get down from that highrise in Denver, don’t get all upset. No need to throw yourself into the streets of LoDo just because the Rox dropped a series to the Butt-Pirates. Sure the Rox dropped another one yesterday, and sure it was a heartbreaker 6-5 late-inning loss. BUT, there are some good things we can take from this loss. Remember, the glass is still half-full.

Yesterday’s loss was the kind that stings. It stings long and hard. And the Rox have a day off today to think about it and stew and get really really ultra-pissed off. And we hope that happens because Denver’s boys are heading into Arizona to face the Diamondbacks, and as we all know, the Snakes have had the Rox number this year. They swept the Rockies at home right before the All-Star Break, and now it’s time for some payback; some good old-fashioned mad-as-**** revenge. We need some wins Rockies, so get pissed!

Yesterday’s best sign was that the Rockies put together a little two-out rally. Down 3-1 in the 6th, the Rox put together a nice little rally with a walk and 3 consecutive two-out doubles. It was something that we haven’t seen much of in the last couple weeks, and it was great to see. Right in the middle of the scoring yesterday was 1B Ryan Shealy. As you know, here at On The Rox, Shealy is our boy. We want to see him get his cuts, and he sure helped yesterday…..well, up until the final out, when he struck out with the bases loaded in a tie game, but hey, that’s baseball. He’ll get ’em next time.

Unfortunately, "Almost" doesn’t count. Yesterday’s almost win was a heartbreaker. It seemed like the Rox would turn the tables in the 9th when they loaded them up with 1 out for Matt Holliday and Shealy on deck. Unfortnately, the mighty Holliday and the mighty Shealy both struck out. (Shades of the Mighty Casey and the Mudville 9.)
I gotta give out the props to the guys who did load ’em up, though. Choo Freeman had a big hit after a long at bat. Carroll drew the walk, and Clint Barmes–did we mention he’s back, folks?–came through with a HUGE hit to load’em up. I was jumping up and down at this point.
Then it looked like we had a tied game when Atkins socked a single up the middle, but 3rd base coach Mike Gallego held Carroll at third!***** it, Gallego! This is the Rox, let’s be the team with some guts, roll the dice. If you’ve got a chance to tie the game in the 9th, roll the f**king dice! Jamey Carroll has wheels, let him try for home in that situation.

Here at On The Rox, our glass is filled with whiskey. And our glass is always half-full. But for playing conservative baseball in the midst of a rough stretch, Mike Gallego has earned himself the first ever On The Rox Shirley Temple award. So Mike, enjoy that drink….ya big wuss. Grow a set next time and roll the dice.

Anyway, Gallego is probably still reeling from seeing Helton and Sullivan both thrown out at the plate this week, and so he probably figured he’d play for the sac fly to get Carroll in, since Holliday was coming up next and is hitting very well with the bases loaded. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out and Holliday and Shealy both failed to even put the ball in play.
Cest la vie, we’ll try again on Friday. We got Aaron Cook and his 3.59 ERA on the hill, and an offense that’s mad as ****. There are reasons to feel positive about things; after all, the glass here is always half-full!


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